Strategies You Can Use to Play Like a Pro in the World Series of Poker

Every poker player dreams of joining the World Series of Poker, but the tournament gets more complex yearly. You cannot decide to participate without any skills; you could at least play some number of hands to develop your knowledge in poker. That way, when you are ready to take it to the next step, it won’t be intimidated once you are prepared to play the most prestigious poker game.

You can prepare yourself by practicing these strategies to use them when playing with other players in WSOP.

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You can bluff when needed

Bluffing refers to betting or raising the pot with a poor hand while convincing the other players that you have the best hand possible. Bluffing is practically necessary for poker. If you can’t control your body language, you shouldn’t do this in actual poker games

In WSOP online, there is no need to hide your body language. Even if you tremble after a bluff and cannot control your emotion, it is acceptable because other players can only see your avatar. So go ahead and play the bluff. But remember, if you bluff all the time, eventually, no one will take you seriously. You should utilize the approach of bluffing more toward the finish of the game and wait for the appropriate opportunity.

Play tight on early games

It would be best to have a firm strategy when deciding when to play your bets. Going all in initially is not a good strategy since you might lose your chips. Try to play tight at the start until you see what’s happening on the table and know what decision to make.

It is essential to know that playing tight shouldn’t be used throughout the game. If you do this, you might lose some significant opportunities. Therefore, ensure to balance your play style so you can adapt to whatever is happening at the table and with the hands you have.

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Find out when and how to raise

Knowing when to raise your bet is crucial, especially in hold’em poker. As you may expect, you ought to boost your stake significantly if you have a strong hand. When you do this, pay attention to how other players react since your bluff will negatively impact those who leave the game immediately. The competitors you should take seriously are those who stay at the table. You can use this method to discover your opponent’s hand. Try increasing the bet if your hand is weak because your opponents will call, fold, or raise.

Your understanding of their decisions will reveal how strong their hands are. To put it another way, increasing your wager is a strategy you might employ to learn how advantageous (or disadvantageous) your rivals are. No matter how strong your hand is, you shouldn’t go all-in because doing so always involves taking unnecessary risks.

Discover how to work out the odds

You may not be able to count cards, and that’s not a problem because, in contrast to movies, very few people can count cards in real life. You must learn to subtract the cards played from this total after knowing how many cards are in each suit in a deck. You won’t ever be able to play poker professionally if you can’t accomplish this. Don’t worry; it’s not as challenging as you would think, and if you do it correctly, you can anticipate how strong each player’s hand will be.ย 

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Use the 5% rule

An applicable general rule for a WSOP game is the 5% rule. It says that if you are only hoping to see a flop with a speculative hand, you shouldn’t put in more than 5% of your stack. These hands could include small-suited aces, small pairs, and small-suited connectors. Spend little more than 5% of your stack if you are merely attempting to out flop someone, and only do it if the other player is weak. 

Pay attention to your opponent’s moves

It would help if you took note of your opponent’s decisions when playing poker. That means you have to notice their facial reaction and betting patterns. Studying your opponents will help you understand their strategies, and you will know what decisions to make.

For example, if you notice a very tight player who seldomly raises, never slow play, and doesn’t bluff, you can put them on a strong hand if they suddenly raise big. You may wish to move out of his way and fold.


Before joining the World Series of Poker, brush up on the basics of the game. You can use the Texas Holdem cheat sheet if needed and play multiple games online to practice the above mentioned strategies. When the time comes for you to play, you can easily remember these strategies and use them as you compete with skilled players.