Patrik Antonius

Poker is a game of skill and a little bit of luck. The small skill edges we push each day then become big profits. The amount you can earn in poker urges people to make a living out of playing poker. Poker Online brought an explosion in the popularity of poker. Determining who the greatest poker player in history is subjective. Poker fans will argue for their favorite poker player. What everyone will agree on is that one of the bases of being a great online poker player is the amount of money earned. Professional poker players accumulate a lot of money throughout their poker careers. Taking a look at lists of online poker winners will let you know who’s who in the poker world. High roller and super high roller events driven up prize pools among elite players. Below are some of the biggest money earners in online poker.

Daniel Negreanu

 He is poker’s all-time money winner with over $34 million. He is also one of the most-watched poker players. He won the World Series of Poker bracelets several times. He also gained two World Poker Tour championship titles. His net worth is close to $50 million. He won a lot of times, and there were times he ended up as the poker tournament or championship winner.

Erik Seidel

 Right behind Negreanu, he cracked $30 million in earnings in 2016 and now has $33 million. He was a beast dominating the high roller circuit. Most players considered him a threat to make a final table in each event he played on. He has an estimated net worth of $42 million. He used to be a backgammon player who dropped out of school to become a professional in this field.

Dan Colman

 He vaulted into the third spot by defeating Negreanu for 2014 $1 Million Big One for One Drop title. He then won a record $22.38 million in live tournaments in 2014. He was consistent in scoring big in High Roller tournaments. People expect him to join Negreanu and Seidel as a $30 million lifetime winner within the next years.

Phil Ivey

 He has ten World Series of Poker bracelet victories. People know him as the Tiger Woods of Poker. His total cash game profits amount to more than $19 million. This amount puts him on top of the list of the biggest poker winners. He has a net worth of over $100 million.


Patrik Antonius

 He has a total cash game profits of more than $11 million. Before he became a member of Team Full Tilt, he played under the nickname FinddaGrind. Antonius is famous for his nosebleed stakes antics on Full Tilt Poker. He is also involved in the waning Durrr challenge. This Finnish poker professional used to be a tennis player slash coach. He chose poker and felt that it was the career he wanted to embrace for good.

Dan Cates

He is more known as Jungleman12. His is a true high-stakes poker success story. He started in the micro stakes in 2008. He then worked his way up fast after an explosive career of highs and lows. Cates is a well-known ultra-aggressive player. He plays stakes ranging anywhere from $1 to $600. His aggression offers him a real edge in short-handed and heads-up games. He used this edge to win millions in profits over the past years.

Fedor Holz

He is a German professional poker player who focuses on high roller tournaments. He is famous as the CrownUpGuy. He was the best online multi-table tournament player in the years 2014 and 2015. He won the World Championship of Online Poker and got $1.3 million in 2014. He already won a lot and has a total net worth of about $33 million.

Most poker players aim higher and higher. All poker players want to land a spot in the list of online poker’s top earners. Even beginners get motivated when they hear about the possible earnings. You can start with Poker Pulsa if you do not know what to do but want to become one of the biggest online poker winners. Registration is effortless. You can play as soon as you finish your registration. Determination and focus can help you achieve a great feat. Be a player who will have a significant impact on the history of poker.


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