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The Secret to Winning Online Poker Tournaments

Online Poker Tournaments

You will hear dozens of people tell you some strategies to win at online poker, and for the most part, their advice is quite accurate. However, online poker is very different from live poker, mainly because online poker sites use a set of computer-generated codes, algorithms and software to determine the results of hands and winners.

In the live game, the deck is exposed to a true random coincidence of circumstances beyond the control of players, distributors and players. If the deck is not folded, the odds and statistics in the live game are more accurate than in online poker. Unfortunately, Internet sites can easily manipulate decks, results and even winners in any dominoqq.

Until recently, online poker sites were seen as honest and honest companies, and then the scandals broke out after the scandal, when many poker sites admitted fraud, collusion and piracy by employees and players. This has led to dramatic changes in the methods of shuffling, delivering and distributing your covers to online sites.

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Online poker against live poker is a big difference!

The collusion and fraud protection programs required to ensure site integrity have changed not only the security of the game. This also changed the outcome of the transaction. To explain in more detail, a measure against collusion is the ability to determine when a player or players have won too many hands in a row.

So what is really happening here?

As you can see, the algorithms automatically track your earnings, and when you have won several hands out of the algorithms, it is determined that you should cheat. Then, the poker site algorithms will try to exclude you from the game, giving you a trick or difficult hands that propel you into the game and eventually lose.

It’s not fair?

No, it is really unfair that online poker sites eliminate the skill of the game and then try to level the field so that everyone can win by sucking or hitting you. Why do you have to penalize a good player because one knows how to use the position to win the pot even with the worst hand?


Now that you know what online poker sites are doing behind the scenes, and why you can get bad punches so often, you can do something about it! Learn how the algorithm works, what the limits are, and avoid bad beats and the loss of the donkey that lurks.


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