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Reduce the Chances of Titling with Online Poker

Online Poker

Players often experience a roller coaster of emotion when engaged in poker. Even with player skill you can’t expect to win every game that you are playing. Loses are part of the poker experience and how we deal with this can affect the overall outcome of our games. Tilting is something that you don’t want to happen when playing poker. This is a state in which a person adopts a less than optimal strategy due to mental or emotional confusion or frustration. Tilting however, can be avoid through careful planning and preparation. Let us look at some tips on how to avoid tilting with games such as Dominoqq.

Know When to Stop

Many find it important to set a stop-loss goal when playing poker and other related gambling games. A stop-loss is a number that you’ve set based on the amount that you are willing to lose. Setting this goal will you get you that far especially if you have a habit of breaking it. You might be tempted to play just one more game in an attempt to recover your loss. This however, this can start affecting your decision-making ability which. For that matter, make sure that you stop playing once you’ve reached the stop-loss goal that you have set.

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Be Sure to Take Breaks

Online poker has made it relatively easy for just about anyone to play these types of games all throughout the day. There is nothing wrong in playing online poker for extended period of hours as long as you have completed your daily task and obligations. With that being said, it is important that you set time limits that you should follow with regards to how long you are planning on playing online poker. Take a break after an hour of playing such as getting a snack, going to the bathroom or simply unwinding. These breaks can help renew your concentration and focus allowing you to get back to the game at your best.

Take Care of Your Health

It should be noted that playing poker for long periods of time without breaks can cause detrimental effects to your health.For that matter, you need to make sure that you are taking good care of your body by getting enough physical activities on a regular day to day basis. Eating a good balanced meal is also advised as well as staying hydrated.Atmosphere is also important and this is the reason why a number of poker players invest in creating a comfortable gaming environment to help lighten their mood. All of these tips will definitely go a long way in helping you fully your online poker experience while at the same time, decrease the overall likelihood of tilting.


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