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What are the three types of online slots? Check it out here

In online gambling, there are tons of different choices when it comes to the games it offers especially when it comes to online slots or online slot machines because of its entertaining gaming mechanics enhanced with rich graphics and immersive gaming backed with good storylines based on Hollywood blockbuster movies and other interesting stuff that takes slot machine gaming to a whole new level.

As the technology continues to advance and improve, a lot of software designers that design slot games are constantly developing new features, new gameplay to keep the excitement and entertainment for online gamblers up that is why when it comes to online slot machines and slot games, the innovation never stops, considering that online casinos have a very healthy competition to outperform fellow online casino operators to entice more gamblers.

Also, online slots have different types which has different mechanics, different pay lines, different reels, but has the same excitement and entertainment that you can get which makes it the most popular online casino game today where millions of online gamblers regularly place their wagers and pin their lucks to virtual spin with the hopes of winning big cash prizes.

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Check out the list of the different online slots that you can try below courtesy of judi slot.

  • Three reel slots- Considered as the simplest form of online slot game which is very to master and understand in terms of gameplay. To play this slot game, all you need to do is bet on the spins of the reels. There is a window that shows three columns, and three rows with symbols in it with the middle row known as the pay line. The online gambler must bet before the spin of the reel. Once the reel stops spinning, the win is determined if the symbol on the pay line matches up to any of the winning combinations that appear on the pay table. The winnings of the online gambler depend on the amount of bet they placed on the winning combination.
  • Five reel slots- Compared to the three reel slots, the five reel slots or popularly known as video slot has more elaborate gameplay and are the most commonly featured type of online slot in most online casino sites because of its progressive jackpot feature and can have more than twenty pay lines. It can even have up to a hundred pay lines which gives an online gambler more chances of winning and placing bets in different combinations. The winning chances are bigger in every spin as well because of the extra reels and the multiple pay lines available.
  • 3-Dimensional (3D) slots- Considered as the best type of online slot because of its rich graphics games and elements, and its five-reel slots with more than twenty-five pay lines. Compared to the three-reel and the five-reel slots, the 3D slots are mainly focused on entertaining the gamers at the same time provide a bigger jackpot prize which progressively grows bigger as you commence in the game.

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