Security: Some tips to protect your money at the casino

With all the effort needed to make money at a poker table, it is as shameful as despairing to lose it by leaving the table. Whether it’s letting money slip from its pockets, being stolen by pickpockets or assaulting robbers, the dangers exist in casinos.

In the majority of casinos on the planet, these things happen fortunately rarely, but when that happens the consequences are disastrous enough to take all the necessary precautions.

The first strategy to protect your money is to define how much money you need to play a game and by extension how much you are “ready” to lose. The more you get into the stakes, the more complex the transfer or money transfer mechanisms become and the more you have to lose if you make a mistake or if you are robbed.

Be aware of what a lot of money is (and therefore a temptation)

┬áIf you can quietly get your money out of the walls of the first, it’s probably more risky in the last …

This does not mean that you should not be careful, even at gclub, but that you will not be the main target. The risk is relative to the general context. Be especially careful when the money you have with you is greater than the people around you.

Escort you with an escort

In many casinos, a guard can be put at your disposal to accompany you to your car (in some establishments a tip will be welcome). Casino car parks can sometimes be ideal areas to attack a player, so do not hesitate to be escorted.

In the same vein, in case of big win – for example a success in a tournament that does not go unnoticed, it may be wise to ask a friend to accompany you to your home (even if you have recovered a check , some thugs may think that the sum was given to you in cash.)

Watch your mirrors

Burglaries or assaults in the homes of some players have sometimes occurred after a player has been followed.

It is therefore prudent to watch his rear and mirrors back. Note the cars that are behind you when you leave the casino and make a regular point throughout the trip. If in doubt, do not hesitate to make a detour, for example to a police station. It should be enough to deter potential aggressors …


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