Poker strategies – How to win real big?


Poker is a card game that combines the gambling and strategy, you win by having certain combination of cards in your hand. It is very simple and easy to understand and there are ways in which poker has become advanced or it has been diluted and taken the same it’s characteristics. Like domino poker, this is an adaptation of straight poker, instead of using cards, here a double six set of dominos are used, hence the name. Now you can play this in casinos, but poker domino online is more popular than ever.

How do you play?

This is a two to four player game, and it is played exactly the same as straight poker. Firstly a small amount of money is placed as a bet, and then the hands are dealt, it is always five tiles. So after playing come the scores, the player with the highest score is the winner. When playing it is important to strategize, and know exactly what you are doing in the game. This game requires a lot of bluffing. So make sure that they cannot tell when you are lying. Now this game may seem like it is the same as straight poker, but in fact that is not the case. Even though there are some terms that are the same the take and value of it is completely different. So honestly it would be better if you didn’t know how to poker if you play this game.

What sites can you play it on?

Finding a poker game online isn’t that difficult, there are plenty of sites where you can play from, but the domino version is more indigenous to Asia, more likely in Indonesia. One of the popular sites is the QQpokerdomino site. You can register on this site and bet and play all you want by yourself or with your friends. Now you can even play on your smartphones, all you have to do is download the app from the site and you can play on the go. Much more effective than hauling your laptop everywhere.


If you are playing these Daftar poker online there is actually a fair share of tournaments that are available to you. To enter a tournament you do nit have to pay actual money, but you will have to use T-coins which is a type of virtual currency. You can get these is you are a frequent player. And if you win you are rewarded with additional bonuses.


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