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Perhaps the most popular part of poker is the lantern. This is probably the first thing you tried to do when you started playing poker. Anyone can try bluffing and you don’t need any specific hand for this. All you need is some chips and some courage. You can bluff at any time in any game and win huge jackpots. This is the main reason why he is considered such a fun part of poker.

Many people do not understand that this is much more than that

Of course, you don’t need a specific hand or anything else to try bluffing, but it would be wise to be in the right situation. There are not many cases where a good QQ Online player sets up his own lantern; Most of the time they bluff because it only comes to them. There must be a certain situation that makes the poker game make a successful bluff. This has nothing to do with the cards in his hand and everything that is connected with what the enemy has in his hands.


You can sit down at the poker table and see that your opponents are not very confident in their hands. Whatever the reason, you just feel weak around the table. In this case, you do not have cards, but you know that you can take your opponents from any hand that you have. If you are going to do this, you must pick them up and then continue the story you are trying to tell.

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When you bluff, you are telling an untruthful story. If you do not agree with your story, then you will not achieve a successful flashlight. When you bet with nothing, you pretend that you have something. If there are 2 hearts on the flop and you check, then another comes on the turn and makes a bet (then you imagine that you have a color). You are telling a story here.

The same thing happens if you try to tell a story in advance. If you feel weak before the flop, you can choose to climb absolutely without hands. If you got a couple of callers and a lot of high cards came up, you can assume that your hands have not improved. You can also assume that you will be believed when you imagine that you have improved your hand. Before the flop, you told a story. Your story tells your opponents that you have high cards.


If there is a word that describes perfect bluffing, it will be a sequence. If you are not consistent, you cannot bluff. Remember that you cannot force a flashlight; you must let this get to you. It is often said that the lantern is an art in itself, and in order to become good, it requires a lot of experience and practice. No one can tell you exactly how to bluff, just come to you.


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