Fake Online Casinos: 4 Signs You Need to Know to Spot Fakes

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There are lots of legitimate and reliable online casinos out there, others have good track records going back 15 years or more. There are other online casinos who hid behind sheep’s clothing, with pirated and cracked games, suspicious payment schemes and records, or the worst, a fraud.

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Generally speaking, those online casinos who are running the game for more than a minimum of three years and five years ideally are rarely faked. The logic in online casinos is you can’t survive years of running the gaming without paying out the players, so basically if this happens, their reputation as an agen bola online will be ruined.

This article provides a checklist which can help you to spot fakes. Actually, to keep it short and well-detailed there are 4 criteria in total, and any of these can fall to the category of potential red flag online casino websites.

Fake Casinos #1: Unlicensed Online Casinos


It is a basic requirement for online casinos to have their license to operate to be issued. Licensed are awarded by jurisdictions of their laws around the globe. But it doesn’t always guarantee that an online casino doesn’t have a license is a fake, but it could fall in the category as a red flag.

It is highly recommended not to deposit any cash at online casinos without a license. Usually, an online casino has badges with links on the webpage of legitimate casinos, so always make sure to double check it if the link is broken or suspicious.

Fake Casinos #2: Online Scandals and Issues


Online casinos should always pay a player’s winnings. Fake casinos will usually change the terms and conditions of its bonus at short notice of time with suspicious reasons to possibly close your account.

Because of this factor, many online casinos have been flagged online, which makes it easier for you to detect possible fakes. If you find an online casino which has been running for almost five years without scandals, complaints, or payment issue, then this online situs judi is a legit online gambling platform.

Always make sure that you always do your research before playing in any online casinos and be sure to read about their information if available.

Fake Casinos #3: Online Casinos Hiding Behind Web Form


Scammers and fakes do not want to tell you who the owners are and they don’t prioritize giving you information to contact them. Unlike from bigger legitimate online casinos, they are approachable, owners were displayed on the webpage, and they have customer service for the players.

If an online casino webpage has a simple “contact us” form on their web page, then you might consider this as one of the red flags.

Fake Casinos #4: Lack of Website Testing Certification


A legit online casino shows a high-level of fairness in their games. Most of them hire an auditing specialist to try and run the games hundreds of times. This is to show that deals in online casinos are legit and random.

Mostly, legit online casinos will display their badges with links to their certificates on their homepage. So players will check whether an online casino is legit or fake. But badges can be faked nowadays, so make sure to double check it with whichever testing company is shown on the badge. Of course, no testing certificate would be enough to consider them as red flags.


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