Basic principles of winning bets

Online Betting

The bookmaker always remains in the black. But this is not a cause to misery and button to the lottery, where nothing depends on you at all. It is possible to earn money on bets, and not bad at all. The main thing is to immediately exclude all of the above strategies ผลบอลสด: forget about win-win game models, Martingale and match-fixing. Good is the one who plays according to his scheme! We will introduce you to several effective ways to play at bookmakers

Over sized Odds Search

A competent analysis of the information seen is a must have skill for a successful player. Most betters do not see anything beyond the potential winnings behind the numbers of odds. And more experienced ones can notice the smallest errors of BC analysts, finding the so-called value coefficients. Value betting is betting on outcomes with inflated pots. Such outcomes are rare in the lines, but with proper experience they can be found. A prerequisite for value bets is an in-depth study of statistical data and taking into account all the nuances that can affect the result of a sports event เล่นสล็อตออนไลน์บนมือถือ. At a minimum, a better should be well versed in the chosen sport. The knowledge in the “materiel” will simplify the analysis of the line, as well as speed up the search for value.

Online Betting

Exchange rates

An interesting alternative to bookmakers! Wicked BCs cut the limits of bets to successful forklifts, intentionally underestimate the odds, do not disdain even blocking game accounts. Therefore, some betters go to betting exchanges. The most famous representative of this market is the Bet fair exchange . Such online platforms act as intermediaries, providing the necessary conditions for players who want to bet. By the way, the activity of such sites in the Russian Federation is prohibited. Exchanges do not form coefficients and do not have a margin on bets made. Their interest is the commission from each bet won (usually within 7%). The player himself makes a “For” bet on the selected outcome and offers his coefficient. Another player makes a “Against” bet with the same odds. It is for this reason that you can find overestimated odds at such sites and raise decent money for them. If you are interested in this topic, read our detailed material on the work of betting exchanges .

Bonus hunting

As you remember, one of the “lures” of the bookmaker’s office is all kinds of bonus programs and promotions . Many BCs offer their customers free bets (free bets) to motivate their gaming activity. Especially advanced betters use these free bets to get real money. Tiring and difficult enough, but possible.

Gets a free of charge bet in the BC for a new player;

According to the conditions of the bonus, make a bet; If the bet in the office is played, then the new free bet is driven in the same way – until the player can withdraw the bonus money.


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