All You Need to Know about the Sports book Betcris

Sports Betting Online

Bet Costa Rica International Sports (BETCRIS) is what they call Betcris in many parts of the world. The betting master Betcris started its journey in 1985 and since then has managed to stay in their game. Until 2006 they maintained their post before it was lost to a law passed in later that year. The United States passed the UNLAWFUL INTERNET GAMING ENFORCEMENT ACT (UIGA) that forced the betting guru to shut down.

The revival of Betcris

Before it would shut down, JD Duarte, an American sports betting operator took over as the CEO of Betcrisand has since then managed to keep the same charge as it had previously. Since then JD Duarte spread the wings of the almost lost betting organization in many states, cities, and countries like,

  • Panama
  • Argentina
  • Honduras
  • Philippines
  • Dominion Republic
  • Peru
  • Venezuela
  • Mexico
  • Ecuador
  • Prague
  • Guatemala
  • Nicaragua
  • Jamaica

The company has since built a great team that focuses more on customer service than anything else. And that has been one of the prime aspects of the growth of this sportsbook.

Sports Betting Online

Betcris in the Mexican territory

Betcris entered Mexico in 2006 after its revival and hence focused on the ease of betting and helping bettors find the right place to bet. It has grown widely in Mexico as it focused on the growth aspects of getting the higher level bettors in a good game and improving the game of lower bettors. Betcris has found a way for every person to make their way into sports betting.

JD Duarte knew if the people loved to bet, they would surely but before that they needed to manage into the easier release of funds after the players had gained profit. Hence, the players had to only think about a winning team or a winning strategy to bet.

Other services by Betcris

Betcris not only allows betting on sports like football, soccer, baseball, basketball, cricket, etc. It also allows users to play casino and other card games. In recent times, Betcris has been improving its hold on the Casino part. They have been acquiring and adding top-rated casino games to their website hence making the user experience even richer.

Betcris has always been a great place to start for the bettors as the minimum investment has been low and the risks including the same are less. Apart from only sports betting, it provides several other aspects that are evident from their website. With all the ups and downs that Betcris has gone through, it has remained and will always remain as a hub for betting and earning great profits.


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